About Us

Our company

Established in 1989

With aim of becoming the one manufacturer that is able to provide all kind of heaters that works in all type of situation. 'Customization' mixed with the highest grade of material and workmanship is the kind of heater that Heatwell will produce. This is where our reputation lies and we will continue to provide only the best products to our customers.

Over the years, we have developed rapidly from a small company with limited equipment and manpower; we now have a factory in Malaysia as well and are supplying heaters Worldwide. We also manufacture other items such as thermocouple, thermo sensor, etc. For customers in need of special heaters, we are also able to supply heaters from INDEECO.

At Heatwell, we strive to keep our workers equipped with the skills and knowledge to ensure the best products for our customers. This also helps in speeding up the process of manufacturing as our workers are each proficient in their job but above all at HEATWELL, we are very concerned with the safety of our workers and we ensure that the proper equipment and outfits are worn when using the equipment to prevent any mishaps in the factory.

HEATWELL ELEMENTS, we do not fail and neither will our products.